Do you have a clear vision in life pulling you toward greatness?

“It might be fine for what it is. True vision is to see… How, in time, what is becomes what can truly be.” ~ John Peitzman (JP)

It can be easy to find ourselves becoming complacent in life, no longer seeking growth and evolution, using ‘acceptance of what is’ as a reason for being stuck.

There is a vast difference in ‘accepting what is’ in life and being able to ‘go with the flow’ and using that mindset to hold you back from continuing down your path toward greatness.

Yes, acceptance and going with the flow are critical mantras to be able to embrace when appropriate, but sometimes we need to understand that we actually can change things and manifest an even better future for ourselves and loved ones.

Looking at a situation and seeing what it can become is what true vision is all about. Once you have this vision calling you from inside, it pulls you toward it; and being pulled is much easier than trying to push. In order to feel this powerful inspiration, you need to find your authentic true vision from within.

Don’t be afraid to look at any given situation (no matter how comfortable it may feel) and believe in your innate ability to figure out a way to make it even better. This does not mean that you do not appreciate what you have with acceptance and gratitude. Quite the opposite.

In appreciating what you have and what is complete, you are able to more fully appreciate and embrace what it can become. Your work, your relationships, your finances, your hobbies, your spirituality, your health can all be enriched. Your life can become even more incredible on every level.

Even though you fully appreciate this amazing life, don’t be afraid to have a vision of what it can become and to go after it with full enthusiasm and abandon.

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