Do you let others lead you off the path you know you should be on?

“Some may not like what you do and question what you say, but staying true to being you is how to lead the way.” ~ John Peitzman (JP)

Most of us know in our hearts what our correct path is. Even so, we let others convince us to stray from that path and away from our true success and fulfillment.

I was leading a group coaching call the other day and the topic at hand was failure. I was reading quotes about how so many successful individuals pushed through multiple ‘failures’ on the way to their ultimate success. One of my members had a great question. He asked me how one knows whether or not to choose moving on to something else after failing versus ‘pushing through’ and continuing.

The answer to this question, for me, is about the connection to your heart. When you FEEL in your HEART (as opposed to just THINKING in your HEAD) the path you should be on becomes clear – and you have your answer. In fact, when this is the case – you really don’t have a choice to continue or not because you KNOW it is what you must do.

That said, even when we know what our path is, we can be led down alleyways and side roads that derail us by focusing on – and applying too much importance in – the opinions of others. While it can certainly be helpful to solicit constructive feedback from those we trust and respect, too many times we can find ourselves taking action (or not taking action) based upon thoughts and ideas that have been fashioned by the negative judgments of others.

Here’s the deal… your path is your path – walk it! Remember that time in school when, hopefully, you had an inspirational teacher who motivated you to follow your dreams and to believe in yourself and all the potential you have to accomplish whatever you want to go after in this life? Rekindle that feeling and don’t allow others to take it away.

When you walk your path with a connection to your heart you can’t go wrong. Others may come and join you, stay, or leave. But the point is not about others. The point is to make sure it is YOUR path.

Don’t let others pull you onto a path that is not connected to your heart. If you allow this, you may find yourself feeling a deep emptiness inside that cannot be filled.

When you stay true to yourself, to truly being you and continuing on your chosen journey, you will experience (and by example lead the way for others) a life of deeper meaning, joy, engagement, and enthusiasm.

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