Do you over complicate your life and the direction you are traveling?

“If you want to start to have life that’s less dense, open your heart and apply common sense.” ~ John Peitzman (JP)

We can all get caught up in, quite simply, making things harder than they have to be. When we trust our hearts and engage with action, a straight line appears.

One of my favorite individuals and mentor, Brendon Burchard, has a saying he uses often: “Common sense is not common practice.” This is so very true on so many levels and in so many areas of our lives!

We often know exactly what we need to do and, most often, the thing to do is very straight forward and can be attributed to, yes, common sense. However, for a number of reasons, we often fail to engage with action in the straight line toward our goals. We go round and round in the maze we create in our minds instead of blazing through the chaos to the clear exit that gets us out of the maze altogether.

We make it complicated by overthinking. We make it scary by thinking about the risks. We make it difficult by thinking about all the things that could go astray. We get paralyzed by our own fear. We find ourselves waiting for a ‘better time’ to engage. All of these approaches bring us to the same result – we stall. We procrastinate. We fail to do what we know is common sense.

We make it harder in our minds than it will ever be in our hearts. When we open our hearts, we open our ability to more fully understand, appreciate and listen to what we know inside is straight forward common sense.

We can eliminate the density of distraction and fog in our lives by listening to that insight within our hearts and following the common-sense path forward.

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