Do you really think what you are worrying about matters?

“Life is not a problem that you need to figure out; to experience the journey is what life is all about.” ~ John Peitzman (JP)

Your journey through life is what counts… how you live each day and open yourself to the infinite possibilities that await you. Don’t try to figure out the meaning of life or the problems within it; life is calling to you to live it.

Ah, the meaning of life. So much is written about what life is all about. According to Douglas Adams in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the meaning of life is 42. Countless philosophers have tried to answer why we are here. It seems to be a problem that no one can solve.

But do we need to know why we are here? Should we spend hours trying to figure it out? Surely our journey through life is what really counts. How we live each day. How we enrich the lives of others. The relationships we form. The joy, the laughter – the hard times and the times of deep meaning. We are on a constant journey.

Some people rush through life as if it’s a race, doing more and more with less and less time. They put their pedal to the metal to go so fast that they never have time to ‘stop and smell the roses’ or see the beauty that surrounds them. They go from one problem to the next, thinking that figuring out solutions to these perceptions of so called problems is the entire point of life. It is not.

We can choose to make every moment count. And that means waking up with energy and enthusiasm for the positive possibilities that each day holds. Even the alarm clock can become your ‘opportunity clock’ as Zig Ziglar says. Your life’s journey is one of infinite possibilities. Let your map be your desire to enjoy the ride, including any potholes or ‘problems’ that may be discovered on the path along the way.

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