Do you remember how you, how all of us, arrived into this world?

“There are no words that can describe our journey to this earth. It is a feeling deep inside, the miracle of birth.” ~ John Peitzman (JP)

Life is a miracle. When we pause to reflect on this amazing opportunity we all have, it has an immediate and lasting impact on how we approach each day.

When my son was born it brought tears of joy to my eyes and reminded me of the moment (exactly 11 years earlier) that my daughter came into this world. Those two moments are etched into my memory and soul in a way that no other events of my life can compare.

We use words like “amazing” and “miracle” but the truth is the profound experience and phenomenon of birth is completely non-verbal. I was born into this world as well. So, too, were you. In the first weeks of life, it is hard to find anyone anywhere that does not melt at the sight of a newborn. Indeed, heart-opening smiles abound. We are all somehow reminded of the deep connection we all share and how precious and cherished new life is.

For some reason as time passes, however, we often find that this non-verbal feeling of complete joy, openness, and love dissipates from our immediate awareness and disappears completely during our interactions with others. This is an interesting eventuality and causes one to become curious as to what would happen if we all continued to interact with each other from within that same space of amazement, connection, gratitude, and heart-opening non-verbal joy.

We all come here in the same way, via the miracle of birth. Remembering our cosmic connections not just at the time of birth, but within the many moments of the relatively short amount of days we have on this adventure called life can make all the difference in the world. It can change how we value each other, the choices we make, and in fact can elevate the conscious experience we feel throughout our transient journey.

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