Do you want to leave a legacy and be of service to others?

“Though it’s enough to just be here and present in your heart, to make a difference that is clear – finish what you start!” ~ John Peitzman (JP)

Having a heart centred idea and taking action on its implementation is only one step. If we don’t finish what we start, we will not realize our full potential.

Yes, the essence of living in awareness is being present in this moment and feeling your life with an open heart. But is this really enough? Perhaps. But if you want to leave something behind, if you want to build a legacy, if you want to reach your full potential and be of service in the lives of others in a way that is lasting – then there is more.

And the ‘more’ is not just about action for action’s sake. The next level of action is RIGHT action. This means doing what matters and what makes sense to complete the steps you have laid out. “Plan your work and then work your plan” is a famous saying often quoted. Note it does not read “Plan your work and then start to work your plan until it gets hard or you get distracted and stop.” But this is what we often do. We start, but we do not finish.

We have all the reasons and justifications to make us feel better about not finishing but actually this matters not, for the bottom line is that we do not finish what we started. What really matters is that we stopped. We are all busy ‘doing things’ but many times the things we are doing are not the actions that matter. They are not the actions that we have laid out that we know are the right actions to lead us toward success.

Do the math… if you did only one thing each day that truly mattered in relationship to moving you toward your dreams and desires – in one year you would have completed 365 actions toward this goal; you would be there; you would have finished! How many times do we start a project that seems like a great idea only to find it continuing to be just a ‘great idea’ weeks, or months, or even years later?

When you condition yourself through the habit of right action and begin to finish what you start, you start your way on a completely renewed, refreshed, enhanced and expeditious journey toward lasting success.

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