How can you GUARANTEE your success in this life?

“What matters more than just what you do by far, is within every action inside how you are.” ~ John Peitzman (JP)

The answer is in spending much more time understanding HOW you are versus concentrating only on WHAT you do.  The external world manifests your internal state.

So many people in this world are caught up with trying to DO more and more while paying no attention to HOW they actually are inside. While striving to do more on the outside, internally people can often be stressed, anxious, worried, fearful, upset, resentful, angry, etc. (the list goes on and on).

The result of this ongoing internal struggle is that we are never are truly satisfied. We are never truly healthy and happy, lacking that feeling of joy, enthusiasm, and contentment no matter how much we ‘achieve’ in the external world of actions and accomplishments.

By understanding HOW we are in every action, while we are doing those actions, we can come to understand what true health and happiness is all about. When we bring an open heart and love to our actions, regardless of what they are, the world responds in kind.

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