The BUILD Framework® Offers Critical Support to Recovering Business

According to the National Academy of Sciences, over 40% of businesses in the United States were at least temporarily closed because of COVID-19. And an even larger percentage made significant changes to their standard operating procedures.

As the country and the world begins the process of opening back up, “returning to normal” can and will likely look different for many companies. On the upside, businesses have learned what was excessive or unnecessary and they have learned the importance of improving operations and adapting their models to better respond to future challenges. 

The BUILD Framework®, and its founder, John Peitzman, designed free and accessible resources to address and rejuvenate some of the most common critical areas of concern for most businesses: relationships & collaboration, leadership, and company pride. This in addition to the comprehensive COVID-19 Guide to Thrive that has been used by individuals and companies around the world to navigate these trying times.

There is no disputing that happy employees are more engaged, healthier, and more productive. A study by The Engagement Institute found that disengaged employees cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion per year.  A further Gallup study revealed that engaged employees have a 41% reduction in absenteeism and 59% less turnover than disengaged employees. With this in mind, The BUILD Framework® developed A Cheat Sheet for Sparking Insight and Ideas at Work and 11 Proven Ways to Improve Your Work Relationships to help foster healthy work relationships and engage and motivate employees. 

According to, 79% of employees will quit their jobs due to a lack of appreciation from leadership at work and 69% of millennials believe there is a lack of leadership development in the workplace. Moreover, only 14% of CEOs feel they have the leadership talent in place to grow their businesses. Believing that leadership can be cultivated, The BUILD Framework® has created 14 Essential Habits to Demonstrate Executive Presence as a tool to help establish the practices necessary to lead by example. reports that good company culture can increase revenue by four times. Company culture is a reflection of operational excellence both internally and externally. Excellence in the workplace is about exceeding the expectation of both employees and customers.  Both employees and customers who experience excellence are far more likely to demonstrate company loyalty. The Ultimate Checklist for Delivering Excellence  helps set the bar for companies.

The Yale School of Management reported that over 78% of small businesses in the United States were negatively impacted by COVID-19. In addition to financial struggles, many of these businesses have and continue to struggle with employee engagement, leadership, communication, and customer loyalty. The BUILD Framework® is designed to specifically address these needs and more.

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