DO IT Coaching Program

This program delivers Life changing coaching through twelve LIVE sessions, one-on-one with John Peitzman , Certified High Performance Coach™

In Balance with Life

Certified High Performance Coaching ™

The DO IT program helps clients reach high performance in six main areas of life – psychology, physiology, process, persuasion, purpose, and presence. This is an important distinction. The approach is a holistic one – far more encompassing than just helping you reach one specific goal like an accountability coach might. No one wants to just hit a small set of goals anymore. They want total life transformation and alignment. At the end of this program you will have learned how to increase your clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence and will understand how to be high performing in all areas of your life.


This program is world renowned for its comprehensiveness and effectiveness.


High performance activities will become entrenched into your daily routine.


Training is personalized based upon your unique qualities, experiences and goals.


Fundamental changes in your life will be significant and lasting.

DO IT Coaching Program

Seize this opportunity to improve your life!


Focal Points

Dive into your focus, level of agency and habits while understanding your specific life arenas. You will learn how to effectively assess the major arenas of your life, from your health to your finances and relationships.


Gain immediate, behavioural-driven clarity and intentionality. You will learn where you have strengths and gaps in the amount of clarity you have and tools for turning a life of intentionality into a life well lived.


Gain immediate improvements in the energy you feel and generate each day. You will learn specific practices around rest & exercise, diet & nutrition and daily energizing.


Gain confidence, decisiveness and momentum. You will learn about the impact of fear, how to express your real thoughts, feelings and needs and how to create and respond to challenges by taking action.


Become more effective and productive every day. You will learn how to use and apply a set of tools and concepts to help you quickly and easily improve the areas in life and work in which you feel you are not being as productive as you desire.


Become more influential in your relationships and career. You will learn tools and techniques to raise your level of action and influence in all areas of your life.


Psychology Mastery

Develop a free, consciously-directed, positively engaged mind. You will learn how to go deeper into the primary pillars of high performance and the value (and specific techniques) of mastering the mind.

Physiology Mastery

Dive deeper into your energy awareness and gain even more vivacity and vigour. You will learn additional techniques to help you activate your physiology in a way that makes you feel even stronger and more vibrant.

Process Mastery

Dive deeper into your productivity practices and increase your competence to eliminate distractions. You will learn additional tools to ensure you are getting the right things done, along with a specific process methodology to effectively determine your will, competence and likelihood of success for any given challenge.

Persuasion Mastery

Identify specifically targeted areas in your life where you can become more persuasive. You will learn to effectively gauge how persuasive and influential you’ve been in your relationships and career, along with a specific 3-part formula for thinking through any situation that will allow you to raise your level of effectiveness in these areas.

Purpose Mastery

Discover how to live and lead with purpose. You will learn how to evaluate your current level of living and leading purposefully, along with a proven technique and process to clearly define and articulate your passions, desires, drives and purpose.

Presence Mastery

Dive deeper into all of your learnings with a heightened presence and awareness of your demonstrated commitment to high performance. You will learn how to ensure you are implementing the tools and techniques you have acquired throughout this process into your daily routine and practices to ensure you continue the momentum.

This program will give you more clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence

in ALL areas of your life beginning immediately in session 1.

In Balance with Life - DO IT Coaching Program GUARANTEE


I understand that not everybody will be committed to do the work required to remain excited and engaged while positively transforming their life. Because of this if, prior to the completion of the 2nd session, you have not realised the value of the program and do not wish to continue, you can email me directly and I’ll refund 100% of your investment. ~ John Peitzman