Are you looking back at who you’ve been or ahead to who you can be?

“When leaving the nest look ahead and take flight, for in looking back you turn day into night.” ~ John Peitzman (JP)

Even though most of us want to move forward, we actually spend most of our attention looking back at what was and not focusing forward on what can be.

We live our lives in chapters. When a particular chapter is over and it’s time to ‘leave the nest’ of that situation and experience – if we want to be able to truly ‘take flight’ into our new future, into an even better version of ourselves, then we need to be able to truly leave the past behind us.

This includes leaving our old self behind. Our deepest desires and dreams cannot be achieved by the person who has not yet achieved them.

We need to become the person who is able to manifest these visions into reality. We are only able to do this by looking ahead and moving forward. We are only able to do this when we focus forward with courage, confidence, and conviction. This is true transformation.

This is not possible when we are continually looking back at what has happened, for in doing so we remain stuck within the person we have been.

Constantly looking back can bring a darkness to your experience of this life in the same way that the dusk turns the brightness of the day’s sunshine into night.

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