Do you know the #1 thing absolutely required for success?

“Throughout the wisdom of all time no matter what you’ve heard, a fact remains that is the same – actions speak louder than words.” ~ John Peitzman (JP)

Most of us have visions and even associated plans for improving our lives. But without ACTION, we will never be able to manifest the dreams we desire.

It is an interesting phenomenon that at the beginning of each year there is a significant increase of individuals taking a close look at their lives and ‘making plans’ for a better future in the year ahead. They read books, they create vision boards, they enrol in gym memberships, and they may even list out some ‘bad habits’ they want to stop doing and some ‘good habits’ they want to start.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with all of these activities, more often than not, we fall short of actually transforming our lives because we are simply thinking about the things that need to change and the things that need to get done. We study, we strategize, we organize and we dream. What is missing in this equation is the most important element of all… ACTION.

Reading a book about swimming and knowing that you would like to do this is not at all the same thing as jumping in the pool. Reading a book about becoming more confident will not make you more confident unless you actually implement, through action, the tools and techniques you have learned. So often we have thoughts of a grander and more majestic lifestyle we want to aspire to and yet we fail to actually take any specific ACTION to get there.

There comes a time when enough is enough; a time when you should stop studying, stop planning, stop dreaming, stop waiting and start DOING. Through action you are able to implement the knowledge you have acquired. Through action you are able to figure out what works for you and what does not. Through action you create habits. Through action you gain a sense of accomplishment. Through action you manifest your dreams.

Yes, of course, have a plan and know what you need to do… but once this is solidified… the essential element required for success is, as it always has been since the dawn of time, the element of ACTION.

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