Are you aware of how people FEEL whenever they interact with you?

“No matter how you serve this word, inside may you have pride. And may you never once forget the value of the vibe.” ~ John Peitzman (JP)

If we are not mindful, we can end up focussing on WHAT we are providing to those we serve at the expense of truly understanding the experience they are FEELING.

While being in service to others is generally understood in the typical customer experience nomenclature, it also holds true in our casual interactions. Whether you are an owner of a multi-million dollar company, a coffee shop worker, or a homemaker simply running your personal ‘business of life’ – we all interact with others. It is within each of these interactions that we are, in fact, providing a service.

The primary service we can offer has little to do with what we are actually delivering and much more to do with how we are allowing others to feel during the interaction. If a company understands this “Value of the Vibe” concept they will gain increased market share, loyalty, confidence, and devotion… they can easily gain a customer for life.

If a company does not understand this, then they will struggle to truly make a lasting impact – simply chasing the dollar and attempting to increase sales and transactions. Even if they achieve a certain level of success, they most certainly will not be able to make the type of lasting impact they could have otherwise obtained.

In our personal life, this is also true. If we seek to have truly deep and meaningful relationships with those in our lives, then a key focus has to be to realize the “Value of the Vibe” in how we are allowing them to feel while they are with us. We all know people in our lives that help us to lighten up, open up, and, yes, cheer up just by entering the room.

When you are mindful of this impact you can have on others (and as importantly have specific practices which help you help them to feel better about themselves while in your presence), there is an immediate residual effect that allows you to immediately feel better as well.

So have pride in all you do and don’t forget to remember the “Value of the Vibe”. When you put this understanding into practice as a priority in your interactions, the coolest part is that you end up feeling much better yourself!

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